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Tools & Utilities

Google Webpage Translator
Very useful tool when you come across websites that you really want to surf, but are not in English or your native language. Go There Now!

Adobe PDF Reader
Many online files and e-book are available in PDF, and you would need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Get It Now!

Many downloadable files are in compressed format such as .zip, .lzh and .rar. You would need a file archiver like 7-Zip to unpack them. Get It Now!

Casio Calculators Surveying
This Japanese site releases many wonderful surveying program codes for FX-603P, FX-4800P and FX-4850P. It is in Japanese so the Google Webpage Translator would be handy here. Click To Visit.
This Thailand site releases the source code of a comprehensive land surveying program calls Reckon Survey 2 written for the very unique FX-880P. We don’t pretend to read Thai but we are sure you will find the download. Click To Visit.
A website with a wealth of links and free downloads for site surveyors. Its surveying programs for FX-7400G+ are very good and you can download both the source codes and programs in .fxi format. Useful Casio utilities such as format converter and Casio fonts are listed there. Click To Visit.
A very nice weblog by a Malaysian land surveyor which definitely worth your while. Source code for many surveying programs are available for both FX-5800P and FX-7400G+. Click To Visit.
Casio China site releases the source code of land surveying programs written for FX-5800P. Whether you read Mandarin or not, the resources should be useful for learning FX-5800P BASIC. Click To Visit.

Casio-Centric Site
Casio official site with comprehensive information about all ranges of calculators, user manual, support materials, and free utilities. Click To Visit.
A very good and helpful forum where Casio calculator users from all over share and learn anything from programming to calculator hacking. Click To Visit.

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