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(1) Could I load InSight into other models such as the FX-603P, FX-4800P, FX-5800P or the powerful FX-9860G?
Answer: The language contained in FX-7400G+ is BASIC. So surely this utility cannot work in both FX-603P and FX-4800P. For FX-5800P, this is possible. But FX-5800P does not have certain FX-7400G+ commands which are used in writing the programs. So, the simple answer would be no. Lastly, FX-9860G is a more powerful model and it can certainly run InSight, although the interface when running the program will look slightly different.

(2) Will I lose my program when I change my AAA main batteries or the lithium backup battery?
Answer: No, you will not lose you program as long as you DO NOT take out both AAA and lithium batteries at the same time. So, as you put in new main batteries, leave the backup battery; similarly, as you change the backup, do not take out the main batteries.

(3) What kind of support will I be getting from you guys if I buy FX-7400G+ through Marco or from the blog here?
Answer: For the hardware FX-7400G+, Marco Corporation will give you 1 year Casio warranty. We also support your use of InSight 1.1 with these deals:
(a) All our additions and upgrades within version 1.x will be release as Free Software. i.e., we will release source code of these additions and upgrades.
(b) Email support from the programmers themselves.

(4) Can I delete this InSight utility program?
Answer: Yes you can. There are 2 ways to do so.
(a): You can enter the MEM mode, look up “Memory Usage”, select the item “Program”, and then press F1 (to delete.) Understand that you will delete every program stored in the calculator.
(b) You go into the PRGM mode, select program which you would like to delete using the up down cursor keys, then press F6 followed by F1. With this way, you delete only programs which you select.

However, unless you are 100% sure that you do not need these programs, you should not do the above.

(5) What do you mean when you say that InSight is distributed as a ‘Free Software’?
Answer: Basically InSight is actually a collection of software. The meaning of free here is described adequately by Free Software Foundation as follow:

Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer. Free software is a matter of the users’ freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

All program source codes are release here, and we promise that future upgrades and additions to the current program library, released within version 1.x, shall be released as Free Software.

(6) Can you tell us more: what is this Casio’s calculator warranty anyway?
Answer: In simple terms, you are entitled to product warranty for up to 1 year from your date of purchase. Casio extends this warranty through their authorised distributors. Since Marco Corporation is the authorised distributor for Casio calculator in Malaysia, all calculators purchased through Marco come with this limited warranty. You can read more about the Casio Warranty Here.



  1. hi,
    1) carry coordinate program,eg;1-2,2-3,3-4,4-5……

    2)missing line calculation using bearing and distance-no need to enter N,E for 1st station or last station,angle for every station.

    3)offset setting for curve.INPUT:enter N,E for centre line,forward bearing from centre line,enter N,E occ station,enter offset. OUTPUT: bearing & distance from occ station

    please email to me.


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