Free InSight & FX-7400G+ Downloads Available:

InSight Ver1.1 Plus User Manual
The programs in full is available in catalog format. Load it using FA-123 into your FX-7400G+, and it’s ready to go. The user manual in PDF is included. Get It Now!

PC Link Program FA-123
You’d need the FA-123 program, plus the link cable SB-87, to load program into your FX-7400G+, CFX-9850 series or FX-9860G. Get FA-123 Now!
Find out more about FA-123 at Casio Official Site.

InSight Ver1.1 Source Code
The full programs source code available in PDF. Download It Now!

FX-7400G+ User Guide
User Guide of FX-7400G+ in PDf. Download It Now!

Passwords of InSight Programs
Password to access each program at your FX-7400G+ so that you can edit or transmit program to another FX-7400G+. Get The Password!

InSight Quick Reference Sticker
The sticker in PDF. Print a copy and stick this at calculator cover for quick reference to abbreviations used in the program. Download Sticker Now!

Dealer Information Pack
This dealer information pack is designed to help Marco Corporation’s dealer to learn more about both the FX-7400G+ and InSight in order to better serve their customers. Download It!

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