Posted by: insight4survey | March 22, 2010

On FX-7400G 2 and InSight 2.0

After so many months there is no news on FX-7400G 2 from Casio yet. We will wait until the product is released and then do the upgrade to InSight Version 2.0.

As for those inquiries about using our software InSight 1.1, please go ahead and download it for your own use. Of course we do not claim that the program is rigorously tested, so do use your survey data to test the program before doing serious stuffs.

Again we want to state that the software is FREE for use. You may change the code, sell it on some Casio machine, distribute it, and so on. However, we DO NOT provide any form of warranty at all.

To download, just go to 🙂



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