Posted by: insight4survey | September 25, 2007

More Programs Releases

One question which begs us to ponder is why pay when you can get many things free nowadays. Allow me to phrase it more precisely – why pay when you can get many free things online nowadays. People have to be nuts to allow free access to all their hardworks, while they used up their personal time for others benefits.

In our case, we are not, erh, nuts. 😀

We believe that if you like what we do so far, and also help us in keep improving the products by giving us advices and resources, then InSight as a brand and product will prosper, and the rewards which come later will even out the efforts we are paying forward now.

For this we must thank those of you who have communicated with us. We also want to thank Marco Corporation for keep supporting us (so you see we are not nuts).

Before InSight fully becomes a commercial entity, there is so much more we need to do. Which means more testing and developing, and more free releases of source code and catalog files.

We are also glad to provide a sneak preview of our business direction. We shall be cooperating with some real heavyweights in land surveying to push our technical threshold to as far as possible. Of course we will keep you update on our progress but not before our discussion has finalised.




  1. can i upload the program of fx-5800p to fx-9850 and use it, thanks…

  2. You could do so as the 5800P command library is a subset of 9850 library.

    However, in practice it is not possible because for 5800P you define variables as Z[i], i.e. as the Z list array form. For 9850 you use the 26 alphabets and list 1 to 6 to be defined as variables.

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