Posted by: insight4survey | July 26, 2007

InSight Lite Releasing Soon

The response to the FX-7400G+ and InSight thus far has been mixed: On one hand people tend to compare FX-7400G+ with FX-603P, and we can understand that. FX-602P and the later model, FX-603P are both installed with assembly-like programming language. It is often being dubbed as the “best programmable model” ever produced by Casio.

On the other hand, there are a substantial number of engineering surveyors who like the package offered by Marco Corporation, working in the Casio BASIC environment.

We decide then it is high time for us to release the real deal…yes you hear us. We will release a lite version of InSight which has all the full library except for Curve programs and part of the Cogo programs.

The file being released later will be in .cat format. You would need the FA-123 or FA-124 interface link program and cable to transfer these programs into your calculator. The whole set of the programs should work well in FX-7400G+, and also the CFX-9850G Series plus the new FX-9860G series.

So guys wait for it…say 7 days?


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