Posted by: insight4survey | July 20, 2007

New Project Soon…

It is our privilege to write more surveying programs for other Casio models. At this point of time, there are 4 Casio programmable models where Malaysian surveyors can realistically opt for:

(1) The FX-7400G+ of course,

(2) FX-5800P.

(3) CFX-9850GC+

(4) and the very powerful FX-9860G

Other models such as FX-880P, FX-4800P and FX-603P and so on, are no more in production, and it is high time we switch to the 4 models afore mentioned. Also, it is time for those who likes to write their own programs, to begin learning Casio BASIC.

I have mentioned somewhere here that while Casio BASIC is not as flexible when compare to the assembly-like language of FX-603P, these newer calculators are all equipped with large RAM memory to store quite a lot of programs.

It is true, though cliche, about how change is a constant. Ok so this is just a polite way for me to say: “Try get over with the fact that the FX-603P is not in production anymore! 🙂 “.

Anyway, we decide to take up a new challenge to write surveying programs for the FX-5800P and CFX-9850GC+ later this month. The work will be enormous but we will definitely able to do it, slowly and surely. 

Again we will share the code here when the programs are stable.


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