Posted by: insight4survey | May 29, 2007

Casio BASIC in Other Models

Basically (no pun intended), Casio installed Casio BASIC into these older, not-in-production models: FX-4800P and FX-4850P.

For all newer models (produced after late 90’s) the featured language is also Casio BASIC. These models are: FX-7400G+, CFX-9850GB Series, FX-9860 Series, FX-5800P, and the low-end FX-3650P series.

The codes of InSight which we are sharing here, can easily be adapted to these new models (not all models actually, as the FX-3560P series can do perhaps 50 lines of codes only. InSight has more than 1500 lines of codes.)

Also, the codes we share here must be re-written carefully to be adapted into FX-5800P. This is because the FX-5800P has only 3 lists to store values, whereas the FX-7400G+, and the two advance models of CFX-9850 and FX-9860 has minimum of 6 lists to store values. For InSight we used all 6 lists in our programs’ codes.

You are welcome to share your thought on Casio BASIC.


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