Posted by: insight4survey | May 27, 2007

New Direction for InSight and Marco Corporation

When we started the development of InSight, we understand our chief responsibility is to help our users adapt to Casio BASIC programming language as smooth, and as soon as possible. It is a forgone issue whether to evolve or not, as Casio is adopting BASIC as THE language for all their programmable models from now on.

Marco Corporation, as the sole distributor for Malaysia and other neighbouring countries of Casio calculator, want to be proactive in assuming the role, not just as the supplier of Casio calculators, but also the solution provider for their range of customer, in this case, you: the engineers, surveyors, license surveyors etc.

Working in tandem with Marco, we shall be embarking on 3 fronts to help you to gradually adopt, adjust and learn Casio BASIC, switching from the already not in-production models such as FX-603P, FX-4800P and FX-880P to the newer models such as FX-7400G+, FX-9860G, FX-5800P and so on. These new models are all installed with Casio BASIC language.

The 3 things we shall do to help you are:

1) Share programming tips on Casio BASIC whether on the FX-7400G+, CFX-9850 or FX-5800P models;

2) Gradually releasing the source codes of InSight to aid you in understanding and picking up programming skill on Casio BASIC, which should be useful in your effort to do your own programs;

3) To provide information on the software and accessories which can help you to write your BASIC programs and transferring the program at the PC.

Apart from that, Marco shall begin an initiative to work with the surveyor community to roll out more useful programmes, in order to make your Casio calculators more valuable and relevant for your work and study. For the purpose of this effort, we shall provide our project leader, MC Fong’s direct contact number so that you can share with him what you need, or your feedback on the on-going effort by Marco to become a solution provider to the surveyor community.


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