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Resources for Other Casio Models

From MC Fong:

Well, apart from the FX-7400G+ which is promoted here, other Casio programmable models are also very popular around the world and loved* by many engineers. Here I will review some of these websites and the source codes, if available, which are put online.

* The only way an engineer can openly express love is through the beloved calculators, 😛

(1) Rockall Surveying Solution for FX-880P.

Well, this company sells the FX-880P installed with programs which they developed. Source codes are not available but they give you an idea what you will be getting at the website. However, the company is in UK and the item is quoted in pound (250 pound not including delivery). That can be quite a sum to those of us who are based in South East Asia.

The Link is here: Rockall FX-880P


This company offers a wide range of land surveying programs for FX-603P, FX-4800P, FX-4850P (not sold in Malaysia or other SEA countries) and FX-5800P (coming soon). The source codes are freely available online, and I do not think they sell the calculators like Rockall. The programs are not available for download.

However, what they do offer is to install or key in the programs for you. You send them your calculator, and then they will install or enter the programs for you after you have paid. For example, to install a total of 4.5KB worth of programs (about 8-10 functions) into the FX-4800P, the fee is about US$ 90. However they only cater to Japan based requests I think.

Yet, the program list is impressive and the source codes are free. You can enter the program manually, though that is quite tedious. I suspect many Malaysian Surveyors already have these programs, although not in the same design. Well, you may still find something new at this Japanese website. 🙂

I took the liberty to translate (arhh, the wonder of technology) the website and direct you to the FX-603P program code page.

Here is the translated link: for FX-603P.

(3) Reckon Land Surveying Package for FX-880P

This Thailand based company develops software for engineers, if I am right. They sell a PC based surveying software called Reckon and they also provide some free stuffs. One of the free stuffs is this package of land surveying programs for FX-880P.

When I said it is a package, it is indeed one! It is very similar to our InSight and it contains other functions which we not yet offer. It also allows user to work in UTM, choose to do angular adjustment for traverse manually or not (in InSight the angular adjustment is automatic), and allow user to work in meter or chain.

The software is not available for download but the codes are. The full package source codes are written into an Excel file, and I think (or hope) you can copy the code from Excel into the FX-880P PC-link program. If that does not work, you can enter the program by hand. It is not that long (just over 620 lines of codes) considering that it is quite a full package.

In comparison, InSight has over 1100 lines of codes. But then we included the transitional curve set out functions which Reckon does not offer.

The manual is in Thai but it is quite easy to understand what each page is about even without reading the explanation.

Here is the link: Reckon Survey software for FX-880.

Go to the site, scroll down to find a small box which has the words Reckon Survey for CASIO fx-880P. A link is provided right below this line of words to download the zip file.

(4) Casio China Land Surveying Programs for FX-5800P

This is a new link we found last week. Similar to azakaze the programs are not available for download but the codes plus the manual are. The link is as given in the previous blog post.

I will explain more next time for the benefit of those who cannot read Chinese. I can briefly explain the programs here. This is a collection of 20 main programs and 15 subroutines. Main programs PR1 till PR9 are the usual suspects: Radial, Stadia Mapping, Traverse, Levelling. Main programs PR10 till PR12 are programs transformed into China UTM using Gauss method.

Lastly PR13 till PR20 are all curve setting out programs: Circular, Spiral and Vertical.

I hope I can take some time to write about this set of programs soon.



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