Posted by: insight4survey | March 27, 2007

Calculator Speed Benchmark

Ever since someone asked us about speed comparison of a few Casio calculators and MC Fong has since responded to that HERE, we also got really infected and are eager to find out the speed comparison between FX-7400G+, FX-5800P, FX-603P and FX-4800P.

First of all what so important about having a fast machine, some may ask? In surveying, certain calculations involve large amount of loopings and recursive steps, a fast machine (with a fast language) will greatly reduce calculation time. And in surveying, time is a valuable resource.

There is a benchmark test plus some speed results which we can find here. We also took the liberty to test the FX-7400G+ using the same test, the result is as follow in the right pecking order: 🙂

1. FX-4800P = 121 sec

2. FX-7400G+ = 124 sec

3. FX-603P = 160 sec

4. FX-5800P = 227 sec

The result of FX-5800P is quite surprising to us too considering it is way newer (released in 2006) than the other three models.

How did the speed monster FX-9860G fare? It finishes the test in 17 sec. Impressive. We have not even “overclocked” it. We can safely say it is the fastest machine in its respective category in the market at present. As for CFX-9850GC+, we suspect it will be in the region of 50-70 sec. We will check it out later.


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