Posted by: insight4survey | March 2, 2007

Tutorial Series Kicking Off…

This is our first ever tutorial on using FX-7400G+ and InSight. We are going to present this tutorial series on every alternate Friday. Each time we would upload a couple of short exercises . If you have any special request please email us and we will see what we can do.

We foresee the series will take about 30-odd weeks to complete.

Here is the first tutorial which has 2 parts. The first one is on using FX-7400G+ to do trigonometric calculations, using angle which is in DMS format. We also look at how we edit expression and manage the setup.

The second one is about finding area of region using Heron formula, which is a straight forward calculation. You get to see InSight in action here and get a feel of working with it.


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