Posted by: insight4survey | February 28, 2007

FX-7400G+ Vs Others?

Special News by MC Fong:

Some one from Hong Kong emailed me asking about FX-603P and FX-7400G, their speed comparison and few other things. I must say this is not easy, which was part of my reply to him.

FX-603P was a very flexible machine with an efficient language. It is now discontinued and Casio is replacing most of their new programmable models with a BASIC-like language, which you can find in the FX-7400G+, also the CFX-9850 series, FX-9860G series and FX-5800P. Not only that, FX-4800P and the cute looking FX-880P are also manufactured no more.

Since many mathematical calculations are performed in all surveying and engineering works, choosing a suitable language platform to do the job on is very important. For instance, FORTRAN is a better platform to write an engineering programs for our computer. What I am trying to say is that BASIC is not an ideal language for writing InSight, but if you have the chance to use InSight you would agreed that it works fine, albeit being written in BASIC.

A strong case for choosing FX-7400G+ is the large memory area. It has 20KB of memory for user. I must also say that the CFX series has a 32KB model and another 64KB model. The newly launched FX-9860 has additional 1.5MB of Flash memory.

The reasons I mentioned also both CFX series and FX-9860 are two:

1. That InSight can work in these models without any problem;

2. Casio would not discontinue these models for another 10-15 years. Well, not in the very near future at least.

We hence could have chosen FX-9860G for example as the platform but our choice stays with FX-7400G+ because it is light weight, has sufficient memory, and most of all we just need to do a few improvisations to use InSight in either CFX or FX-9860G. If you need cad-astral functions or add in more features for example, FX-7400G+ would not be enough to handle the demand. Then, you can either opt for CFX-9950GB+ or the FX-9860G, which surely can accommodate the demanding nature of these programs.

In the end my reply to Mark of Hong Kong is that while FX-603P is great and have flexible, efficient programming language, it is now discontinued. Same goes for FX-880P and FX-4800P. For stability, speed and reliability for the next two decades at least, I think it is a right decision to switch to programmable calculator such as FX-7400G+ or FX-9860G.


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