Posted by: insight4survey | February 15, 2007

Brief History of Events

Every project has a humble beginning. This baby of ours, was about resolving the issue of filling the great void left open by the discontinuation of the FX-603P in 2005, followed by the FX-880P and FX-4800P last year. Unbeknown to many of our close associates, there was actually an attempt to resolve the issue by writing a similar utility on the Casio CFX-9850GB+ back in 2002, when Casio stopped supplying FX-603P to oversea markets.

The then project had a different team of programmers and lead programmer, where we also worked closely with a big construction company. Their engineering department in fact met with the lead programmer at their Glenmarie Shah Alam office to discussed about the program. That was how advanced the progress of the project then. Somehow the project halted a couple of months later due to unclear reasons.

In May 2006, after a 3-year hiatus, we submitted a proposal to Marco about writing a new utility for FX-7400G+. That proposal basically set the ball rolling, if you may, and lead us to the InSight 1.0 Standard Version.

Thanks to these contributors who made it possible.


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