Posted by: insight4survey | February 7, 2011

Insight 2.0 Development

After the release of the new Casio FX-7400G2, we feel there is no real change in the hardware in particular the user memory. So there is no immediate plan to do a newer version of Insight for now. We may do something about it in 2012, but surely not this year.

We hope the current version of Insight is sufficient and all of you will be able to find ways to improve the code for your personal use. 😀

Posted by: insight4survey | March 22, 2010

On FX-7400G 2 and InSight 2.0

After so many months there is no news on FX-7400G 2 from Casio yet. We will wait until the product is released and then do the upgrade to InSight Version 2.0.

As for those inquiries about using our software InSight 1.1, please go ahead and download it for your own use. Of course we do not claim that the program is rigorously tested, so do use your survey data to test the program before doing serious stuffs.

Again we want to state that the software is FREE for use. You may change the code, sell it on some Casio machine, distribute it, and so on. However, we DO NOT provide any form of warranty at all.

To download, just go to 🙂


Posted by: insight4survey | July 5, 2009

25,000 Visits

25,000th visit to this blog took place on the 4th of July, 2009.

Thank you all for visiting and using our services.

Posted by: insight4survey | April 25, 2009

Casio New FX-7400GII

Casio is coming out with a new FX-7400 series very soon. It will be called FX-7400G II. We wonder if Casio will put in more RAM memory. A faster CPU and thus a faster processing power is a definite, but a few KB more of RAM is surely most welcome.

From hearing this piece of news late last year, we totally stopped all our development for InSight 1.2 until there is more information as we understand that more command functions, such as GetKey and Locate, commands which will be great for designing much better interface, will be put into this new calculator.

When it is released, we will continue with our development of the better version of InSight. So far we have not a name for it… well just call it InSight Version 2.0 🙂

Posted by: insight4survey | June 4, 2008

Passwords for InSight 1.1

(Added 10th June)

The updating process is 99% done, and we shall shower the blog with periodic (we hope!) updates such as links, downloads, and latest news. Thank you for your patient and for visiting the blog.

As you can see we are still updating the weblog. It will have a more minimalist look soon. 🙂

As mentioned, we want to release the password for each program in InSight so that current FX-7400G+ owners can access the program and edit them as desire, or to transmit them to another machine. Here it is

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